Becoming a Member

If you have not played croquet before, we would suggest a free trial session. Contact the Chairman or Secretary to arrange a mutually convienient time. all you need is a pair of flat shoes. Alternatively, drop in to a club afternoon, 2-4pm on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday; perhaps aim to arrive for tea at 3.15pm. On Saturdays the club session is now from 11am to 1pm and you would be welcome from 11am. There is car parking at the lawns.

Most newcomers to the club then sign up for a months "taster" membership at £15. If, as we hope, you then feel able to become a full member of LCC, you pay a full membership fee, pro-rata for the remainder of the current season (i.e. 1/2 annual membership half way through the season).

The full membership year runs from 28th February and (for 2017) is £140.

New players normally start by using club mallets but, once full members, purchase their own. Advice can be provided on suitable local mallet makers or use the Croquet Association 'online' shop.

We wear "whites" for matches and club competitions but new members are not expected to buy a full kit from the start. Whatever you possess that is white, cream or light coloured will do to start with. In time, white trousers or slacks, white top or jumper and a white fleece are desirable and many members own white waterproof clothing obtained from bowls or sailing shops.